Dog with ‘can I speak to your manager’ haircut leaves people in stitches

A dog owner has been left in stitches after her groomer gave her pooch a ‘can I speak to your manager’ haircut.

Admitting she “almost peed herself” when she saw her dog, named Zelda, the woman explained how her friend cut her Maltese’s hair like this per her request.

When sharing the picture on Reddit, she said: “She’s a friend of mine, so my dog always gets cool haircuts. This one takes the cake.”

However, the haircut hasn’t changed the 10-year-old dog’s personality because she has always been a little diva.

The woman added: “Her favourite toy is a lamb chop squeaky toy. Her best friend is Frida (our Rottweiler).

“She loves cuddling as she’s only seven pounds, and she loves when kids come over because they always drop food and she definitely loves anything cheesy.

“Also she will definitely be asking for your manager.”

While most users laughed at Zelda’s new hairdo, others spoke about how the woman needs to proudly display this picture of her dog in her home.

One user said: “Thank you for this. I actually laughed at those photos. Adorable dog – that is until the server screws up her order. I wanted gluten free water!”

Another user said: “These need to be framed and put on the mantel, everyone who walks into your home needs to see these proudly displayed.

A third user said: “That is hilarious, I can only imagine you dying with laughter after seeing your pupper like this!”

It comes after Julie Livermore, from Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, took her cockapoo, named Charlie, to the groomers have his overgrown coat cut back.

But she wasn’t at all prepared for what she saw when she went to collect him.

The groomer took artistic licence when cutting his fur and gave him a bob and fringe to enjoy for the summer months.

Julie told The Mirror: “I’m not sure if the groomer did it for fun or if she thought it was a good look for a cockapoo.

“I found it very amusing, I don’t think Charlie was impressed though. He hates this human hairstyle the groomer gave him.”