New Season Shows in a Glimpse

So a few months ago I shared the trailers of the shows I was most eager about and some of them have premiered. Some of the premiered ones I have watched and it’s time to review what’s worth this season (from my point of view ;) )

Super Fun Night Rebel Wilson, this comedy is about a group of friends who decide to have original fun every night, with hair-pulling effects.

I loved Rebel in this show and her timing is, as always, brilliant, I hate that she Continue reading

Pitch Perfect – Why it restored my faith in musicals


So if you live in the 21st century you’ve surely watched Pitch Perfect. And now so have I. My first viewing was more of a browse of all the songs, which fantastically sum up the whole movie. My second viewing was something more personal. It was proper love at first sight.

Let me start from the beginning. As I’ve already said if you live in the 21st century you’ve watched Pitch Perfect, and you’ve also watched Glee and Smash. We’re surrounded by musical productions that aim to make our hearts flourish and ears bleed with emotions. Unfortunately when it comes to “singing” acapella, aka speaking, aka script, the magic disappears. Glee manages to make great tributes to classic and not-so-classy songs and yet its realistic portrayal of teen angst is as farcical as their pitch perfect voice. Smash on the other hand has great original songs, as well as covers, and a beautiful storyline, which is sadly too stuck up with diva-esque battles and no love for the music. It makes for perfect dramatic storylines however.

So you can see from these examples how one’s faith, aka my own, in musical shows has been cremated and sent to Hotel Paradiso. It’s not that I don’t like these shows, but they can’t offer me a full spectacle, with story and music in unison, perfectly synced and well delivered dialogue.

And then comes Pitch Perfect. An explosive movie. Not only does it dare to mock its predecessors, but also takes a great leap into a-cappella singing which is often frowned upon and laughed at and make it cool, supreme and, well, perfect. 

But what is Pitch Perfect all about? Well it starts of at an A-cappella competition where the Barden Bellas have a massive failure in their act. Fast forward to the next semester when the person responsible for the failure is now leader of the a-cappella group and as such cannot find new members to compete at the a-cappella regionals. And then we meet Becca who has just been forced to start college by her professor of a dad, while she wants to go to Los Angeles and start a career as a music producer. When her dad makes a deal with Becca, she is made to join the Barden Bellas and form unlikely friendships as well as discover a new passion for singing.

The talent that has gathered for this movie is sublime. From Anna Kendrick who convinces you that chicks into Guetta are super-duper awesome, to Skylar Astin who makes you drool with his slightly narcissistic affection for the lead. Anna Camp offers a great antagonist in the story without the need for an evil-doer or a moronic, egomaniac who thinks is the leader of the world (if you don’t know what I’m talking about watch episodes of Glee). And of course who could ever watch this movie and not walk out grasping their stomach aching of Rebel Wilson’s hilariously perfect lines? Her deadpan deliveries are just what make this movie a perfect kick-ass of a film.

Now for the singing, the vocal coach must have worked really hard to create this blast of a symphony. From the Barden Bellas, to the Treblemakers or even the Sockapellas, all the songs create a harmony, and it doesn’t just stop there. Like I said in the beginning of this review/appraisal they create a journey for this film which can only compliment the already full storyline. Every song represents a moment in the time of the movie. Becca’s remixes, the riff-off, the auditions, everything musical in this film is not stand-alone. They are in perfect peace with the lines delivered and the story narrated.

Direction-wise, Jason Moore achieves in making a film which looks raw and real, where nothing is autotuned and faked, where each one’s perfections make up for another’s imperfections. And this is what makes this movie so successful, so well received and so loved. Viewers can related to the characters without feeling detached when their artistic side comes to play around.

So for anyone who has been living under a rock and hasn’t seen it yet, go ahead and watch now. If you’re still not convinced, look what the movie made me do 

I know. Crazy. I can’t wait for the sequel. That’s why I’m telling you, you need to watch it. Like NOW. Who knows what it’ll make you do.

Rhys out


Man of Steel 3D: A Review

Man-of-Steel-Henry-CavillIt took me the better of two weeks to actually review this film. I watched it on its second night out, but something kept me from my keyboard. Now, with a clear head, I’m ready to review this phenomenon of a film.

Let’s start with the positives.

Henry Cavill does more justice to the Superman suit then anyone ever has. That is not to say that Christover Reeve or Dean Caine were not good, but Henry is GOOD. He’s worked hard for the part and it shows, the suit designed for him is darker, sexier and dynamic. He fits perfectly in the costume both physically and emotionally. Basically he was made for this role.

Amy Adams was surprisingly good as Lois Lane. Admittedly I didn’t like the choice when I watched the trailer, but after watching the movie I wish we got to see her more. She reminded me of Teri Hatcher’s incredible performance on the long running series ‘Lois and Clark’.

Michael Shannon, well, Michael, where have you been hiding. He was such a murderous villain managing to piss you off and sympathise with him at the same time.

So performance wise the casting was great. I mean Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Russell Crowe. Really? I would never have imagined them as superhero material, but they proved me wrong.

Directorial-wise, this was as visual as Watchmen was, a film I absolutely adore. It’s grittier, darker…and epic. The shots are wonderful. They manage to stay with you long after you’ve left the building. So kudos to Zack Snyder.

Another fact I loved was that there was no Krypton to stop Clark. Nope! Nada. His Kryptonite is his home planet. And you will understand if you watch the film. He is Super on Earth, but on Krypton he would bleed like all the rest of us and that’s his weakness. Besides his mom.

Also, gladly no Lex Luthor in here, although he will be making an appearance I presume. There was a mention to his name, but that was all and frankly I couldn’t stand more Lex at this point, after 9 years of Smallville, 4 years o Lois and Clark and practically every other movie being about Luthor’s evil plans. I mean how much is enough? It was a definite good breather.

Now let’s come to the negatives.

The 3D version did nothing for me. Which is not to say a negative, but it’s not anything flattering either. That’s that.

The opening sequence was looooong. I mean seriously? Half an hour to tell me they’ve packed Kal-El into a ship and shipped him off? Really? Not to say I wasn’t mesmerised by the imagination and work they’ve put on the planet, which I think is the most anyone else has done for Krypton, but I really didn’t need all that. Partly because it was a completely different world that I was never going to see again anyway. It was a different movie. I mean, creatures, and technology and structures that I know are not going to be there some seconds later, so why bother? Second, it became rather boring since we knew what was going to happen. I just think they wanted to give Russell Crowe more screen time.

But also it’s partly because of the horrible script. Oh yes, you heard right. I know everyone is praising the film, but it ain’t for it’s storyline. The opening like I’ve said was irrelevant. The rest of the film manages to make sense because of its director and the visual team behind him, not because of its ‘incredible’ writing team. The storyline feels dodgy. It feels wrong. It’s not going the right direction. Which leads to the worst half hour of the film. The ending half hour is a constant action scene with no lower tension in between, nor any lines exchanged. I mean maybe I am not a hardcore action film fan, but I love my action. Just not that much action. And also not that much destruction. Basically, half of Metropolis was destroyed, Smallville was practically singed off the map and lives were lost, but the family in the car is okay. How ridiculous. I mean I’ve seen superhero films before where whole buildings came down, but never like this. Never like in this movie. Although I love the fact that General Zod revealed his existence scaring the crap out of Earthlings, there were a million directions this film could have gone and this wasn’t the good one. But I’m very hopeful for a much better sequel. Hopefully with more Lois Lane romance in it.