A Siren’s Song

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‘Ugly always stays ugly. Or does it? When ugly duckling Iris visits the Aquarium on a school trip, her life changes in ways she never thought possible and finds herself transformed into swan who everybody longs for. But she only has her heart set on a special someone. Or is it two? 
Then there is a girl named Neave and her strange relations with water. 
And there is also the ocean which is empty of sentient beings. 
And a family secret which is bound to come out.
She is thrown on the deep end of a complicated new life.
 Can the previously invisible Iris deal with all the new-born drama in her life or will she drown in the soap of her opera?’

‘A Siren’s Song’ is the upcoming fantasy romance novel from Rhys Christopher Ethan, the first in a trilogy of magical proportions. A journey from childhood to adulthood and self-discovery.

Here is the music that inspired the writing of the first book in the series.


And here is the twitter page of ‘A Siren’s Song’ follow for all kinds of updates:

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