Paint me with your Love

Cover design by AuroraSky at

Cover design by AuroraSky at

Fifty Shades of Grey Meets Brokeback Mountain. What does love between an old man with a wavering memory and a young artist mean? Can their love conquer all? Can love defeat sickness and death?

The story of Cinead, sick of a hectic, promiscuous life in metropolitan London, moves to Iceland to look after an olden man, Stefan, whose memory of a brilliant, eventful past has started to fade. But Cinead seems to awake something in him. Stefan has flashes of sanity and Cinead falls in love with this strange man, but soon his morality kicks in and he wonders whether it’s right to love a man who doesn’t know him. Stefan is a whole new territory for Cinead. Soon his concerns won’t include bathing and cooking for Stefan, but what constitutes rape, whether consent is actually valid when the person giving it won’t remember it after.  Will there be a cost to pay in this turmoil of a love affair?

Paint me with your Love is my Nanowrimo 2013 entry and chapters will be posted as they’re completed during November. The target word count of course is 50,000 but we’ll see how it goes.

You can read the book here

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