The Grande Escape – Short Story

I asked my friends to give me three words and I would write a short story out of them. This is the third one and it came from my filmmaker friend David. The words he gave me were Tropical, Fortress and Portal. At first I was tempted to write a fantasy with castles and conflicting kingdoms. But because I am no George R. R. Martin. And besides I wanted to write something unusual and not go for the first thing that comes to mind, which is something I’ve tried to do with all sets of words I’ve been given so far. So I came up with The Grande Escape. I’ve also wanted to try second person narrative for a long time and I thought this was exactly the story that needed it. The story was inspired by The Ancient Future Mystery People’s Pirate Academy and their Manifesto. You can find them on Facebook.

So here it is. The Grand Escape:

The Grande Escape


The sound of the city is blasting as always. The atmosphere is suffocating. You walk down your usual morning path to work. The others around you, walking casually as possible, avoid your quick gazes, focusing on fixing their surgical masks on their faces. You don’t wear one. Your body is immune to the toxic air they’ve created not too long ago. You don’t know why, but you’re happy you don’t have to hide who you are behind a lame excuse of a medical pandemic. 

The building across from your office is flashing red. The LED fitted windows signal what’s about to happen.

You stop for a moment and read the sign, channeling its message in gigantic letters across the glass panels.

“Construction Demolition Today at 12pm. Sponsored by WebElectric Inc.”

You are releaved. You will finish work early today. You didn’t get enough sleep last night. The alarm clock adverts have started to affect your sleep.

You walk into your building. The security guard greets you with a wide smile on his face. He fancies you, but you never really liked him. You touch your card on the entrance reader. 

“Welcome, Tanis Johnsson. According to your recent purchases we recommend you the brand new Heur Watch with minute precision and display light for only $199. Affordable comfort tailored for you. Have a good work day!” The speakers on the entrance finish their announcement and the digital display turns off, allowing you to go in. 

You head for the kitchen on the ground floor. You turn on the ordering receiver, the screen promotes yet another thing to you, before it finally allows you access to the buildings receipts.

Your first order comes from the CEO’s secretary. You’ve got to cater their nine o’clock meeting.

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The Blood Rain – Short Story


I asked my friends to give me three words and I would write a short story out of them. This is the second one and it came from my writer friend and collaborator Fotis. The words he gave me were Petrichor, Commonwealth and Ailing. After I got over the initial shock of not knowing what petrichor means (“A pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather” according to I had a great idea, so I sat down and wrote this:

The drop lands on my cheek as I’m hanging the last sheet on the tight rope. I look up. The sky, with its red and purple hues glimmers as tiny flecks of crystals fall upon me, attacking me with their sweet wetness.

I run inside the house. “Mom,” I call her, but I can’t find her.

My feet guide me to the kitchen. The stove is burning a pot. The pot expels steam to the ceiling. A ladle is on the floor spilling its poor liquid contents on the wood. My peripheral vision attracts my eyes towards the kitchen window. My mother is standing outside looking up, swallowing the rain, hands spread open in her sides, her apron loose on her waist; her hair, little snakes of curly strands, fall on her back.

I run outside. She is immersed in the moment. Her eyelids are resting shut. I stand next to her. Maya and Chrysantha are glowing, reflecting the sun’s light like the faithful moons they are.

We are both soaked. Absorbing every drop we can with our entire bodies, which become sponges, thirsty for the torrent.

We stay there. We hope it never stops. It does. But not before we manage to collect buckets full of the liquid. We put them in storage under our house. We have gallons of it. We are careful not to waste any of it. Dawn arrives but we are still stocking the liquid.

When we come out from down under, Maya and Chrysantha are lighting the entire field. Maya throwing a green lucence and Chrysantha her yellow glow. The sky is black as the abyss. The stars little gems pinned onto it.

We smell the petrichor everywhere. It follows us wherever we go. Our nostrils welcome the scent. It was the scent of survival. Continue reading

The Ramblings of a Gay Provocateur

There are a lot of things happening in the world right now. There’s war, corrupted politics, a nostalgic regression to past values, the dawn of international corporate governments, slavery. Those are only a few of the things happening. Yet a lot of the attention falls on the repression or expression of sexuality and sexual orientation. Russia’s gutting denial of its homosexual nationals, India’s re-criminilization of homosexual acts and Nigeria’s rejection of homosexual relationships. Gladly, there’s also a steady seal of approval by several more progressive countries and in United States we see more recognition day by day.

I fear, however, that we, us a society, give an excessive amount of attention to something that is only part of what we are as humans. One will argue that sexual drive is part of our genetic code as animals of this planet and I will not disagree on this very valid point. But how convenient is it to remember our animal instincts at times and then the next moment glorify our superiority to the animal kingdom? So yes, I do believe there is a grave amount of attention on sexual orientation and sexuality in general when it is only one of the aspects of our humanity.

I read, only a few hours ago, this article about Chastity Balls, where girls accept their father as the only man in their lives, until he choses a man for them to marry, and only then will they be allowed to date, kiss, have sexual experiences.The article very well pointed out that the act makes women seem sewed to their sexuality, making it their virginity that defines whether they’re worthy or not. And it strikes me as true in the anti-homosexual crusade around the world as well.

“Homosexuals are only worthy of who they sleep with.” That is the message we are getting across from the conservative minds that lead nations. And in response we see an extravagant display of homosexuality to ward off the hate. If the former decided to take a look around at the lives of the latter they would figure out that who they sleep with has no direct association to the the lives they lead. But they don’t and then the gays and the lesbians and the queers and the transgendered rise up and show them what they are. And the former call it provocation. Continue reading

The Ascended – Short Story

I asked my friends to give me three words to write a short story. The first set came from my friend Steph, also a writer. She gave me Volcano, Image and Diamonds. Here is what I came up with.


The brush tapped the canvas one last time. It was finished. After thousands of years I was finally done. It took me a moment to realize that the tickle in my underbelly was the excitement of putting an end to this.

I put the brush down. The wrinklage in my hand was abysmal, making my own body, a stranger to myself. My legs could still support me, but I doubted anything else inside me functioned as it should. I stumbled to the exit, scratching my arms in the protrusions of the cave. The sunlight blinded my already decaying irises and I had to use my palm for shade until my vision returned, as damaged as it was.

The volcano across me, across the field of death, smiled at me, exhuming smoke, mocking my miniscule existence. Antagonizing a force of nature was never wise. We should have learnt that by now. At the bottom, at the root of the volcano I could still discriminate the last remnants of an effort at a civilization some hundreds of years ago. The rooftops amalgamated to the planet. Unified.

The lava spilled down the ebony rock, like veins full of combustible blood. The mockery ensued.

“You’re finished,” she announced behind me, her tone carrying an air of apathy. Living for millenia had that effect on you.

“Indeed,” I responded with probably as much indiffirence. I didnt’t recognize my voice. It was like an alien intrusion in my system.  Continue reading

The Devil Who Laughed

A story I’ve come up with lately, but left on the side to focus on later, but I felt the need to write a short story and I wrote this. I suppose you could say it is the opening of a very long story.


Dr. Walters was there, standing by the wall, munching on some salted crackers. Lucy was crouched in a seat around the table, her eyesight not leveling up to meet anyone’s gaze. Nick was sitting next to her, shaking his legs nervously and rubbing his fingers with his thumbs. Not a massive attendance, but I wasn’t expecting anything more. In five short minutes I was going to say goodbye to this place. The place that had been my home for the last three years. It was cruel.

It was cruel that I had to be thrown out on my eighteenth birthday, no preparation, no anything. Although if you asked Dr. Walters or any of the personnel, I wasn’t really being thrown out, rather released to the world. And it wasn’t as if they hadn’t done a good job preparing me for the world out there. Three years of therapy sessions, arts therapy, sports therapy and a countless number of medication pills were all the preparation I needed for the wild world outside. The world that had so savagely drove me in this establishment in the first place.

Nurse Lydia walked in casually, hands in her apron pockets, with a smile on her face, and told me to say goodbye to my friends and follow her. She left as swiftly as she had appeared. I never liked her air of indifference, but I guess in a job like this you had to channel out all the crazy. I always enjoyed her trays of colorful pills however. That was always a welcome guest in my ward.

I pronounced a loud bye-bye to Lucy whose eyes briefly met mine and then she nodded her head in response. Nick was easier to work with. He stood up, took my hands in his and passed me his jittery vibe. His dark eyes glowed in the light of the LED bulbs of the cafeteria and the glow finally started to trickle down his black cheeks and onto his full, pink lips.

“I’ll miss you, Juju,” his voice cracked.

I could never determine whether he used my nickname because he didn’t remember my actual name or if it was an intentional play on my madness.

“You too, Nick. Take care of yourself,’ I told him and before I could move I was encompassed by his arms and torso. Continue reading

NEW: Writers’ Wednesday Weekly Vlog

Hello my dear readers,

Almost 2 years have passed since I started this blog. It started with a small post and very humble and it’s become this ever-growing platform. Well to inaugurate my 2 years as a blogger and author, I started a weekly show on youtube where I discuss and share secrets, tricks and tips of creative writing for aspiring and not-so-novice authors.

Writers’ Wednesday #WWed, as its name suggests will be on every Wednesday and anyone can make suggestions for future episodes. If you have any questions, mind-puzzling curiosities and a thirst for more knowledge, then  subscribe to my youtube channel and comment on the video.

 Happy viewing,

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May the Yuletide be Gay


This photo is specifically dedicated to Fox News. A black Santa, all yours!

Have a bright and jolly Christmas everyone. Season’s greetings and holy blessings.

Time to be with our family and friends and remember to be nice. Let’s extend that wish to all those seeded with hate and ignorance to be brought into the light and realise what fun they’re missing on the side of love acceptance.

Enjoy and savour this time of the year.

Rhys out xXx

Bring On the Drama

I’m back with you to share my reviews of this season’s drama shows. I finally got around to watching them and here is my verdict.

Almost Human


MV5BMzQ1NDQ3MjUxOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTY2MDczMDE@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_Almost Human features a near-future overtaken by criminality and the law enforcement has established androids to help manage the load.  When Detective John Kennex wakes up from a 15 month comma he hates anything synthetic. Even his own leg. But he is nonetheless paired with an unlikely android and they make an unbeatable duo.

Me loves this show. The story development, the production design, the effects, the cast and the leading duet that has so much chemistry, it is impossible Continue reading

Friday Flix – Star Wars

Welcome to my new blog. I’ve redesigned my brand and redesigning the blog into a writers-readers community. I have big plans ahead on how to achieve that, but let’s get to the subject and the rest will come.

So…I finally started watching some classics and Stars Wars was first on my list. I’m talking about Episode V-VI. So here’s my humble opinion about this epic series.

Star Wars, Episode IV: New Hope (1977)

New HopeStarring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher Directed by George Lucas

Plot A young, orphaned boy discovers the world and the secrets of the Force that control the universe.

Now I see why everyone wanted to be a Jedi. And I want to be one myself. God knows I tried. This visual magnificence has as much to offer to the sci-fi buff (and has done so over the years) as much as to the plot driven junkie. The best of introductions to a world that is still relevant.


Star Wars, Episode V: Empire Strikes Back (1980)

Empire_strikes_back_oldStarring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher Directed by Irvin Kershner

Plot Luke is trying to master the art of the Force and be the Jedi he was meant to be, while Princess Leia and Han Solo fight the Empire.

A sequel that definitely lives up to the original. The story keeps blasting us with surprising turns, as are the visual effects. I adored the introduction of love in this film although it came out of the sudden with nothing leading up to it. A great transition to its final film.


Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983)

Star Wars Episode VIStarring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher Directed by Richard Marquand

Plot Luke fights with his feelings about the news he received in the last film and tries to bring the Empire down and save the universe.

Although I found it was my favourite out of the two sequels I did find the sudden internal fighting of Darth Vader quite abrupt and out of place, but I enjoyed the film to its fullest despite that and the ending was liberating.


Weekly Quality of Flix




A top notch trilogy that deserves its status. Highly recommended for movie marathons.

7 Things I’m Doing Right Now

I bet you are wondering why the long absence from the blog and the irregular brief posts every now and then. I’m very busy with a ton of projects. So I decided to list them here for you.

  1. I have just finished the editing on my new fantasy romance novel “A Siren’s Song” and preparing it for submission. I will not go into any length about that since I will write another post about it.
  2. Trying to find the time to write “Paint Me With Your Love”, the erotica novel I started writing as part of NaNoWriMo – in which I failed miserably – and put it up on for you guys to read.
  3. Also trying to find the time to write another adult pararomance I’ve started and which will also be a stand-alone novel and very sexy.
  4. I have written a pilot episode for a sitcom, which I want to submit for development, and I’m now editing the crap out of it to make it hilarious and interesting, but I won’t go into any detail about it since it’s still in the beginning.
  5. Redoing the film that I failed to do two years ago. At the moment I’m organising people, doing the storyboard for the film, which has gone from feature length to medium feature, and gathering all equipment and courage to give it another go. But I’m hopeful this time it will happen.
  6. Starting my own film production company. How do you do that, you may ask? Well, by making a film and putting the logo all over it. So I am preparing for another, this time very short, film which will go into pre-production in January 2014. It’s LGBT-themed and I will submit it to festivals world-wide.
  7. Overloading on caffeine.

That’s about it. It might not seem very busy, but count my almost 24/7 babysitting job and it makes for a very hard schedule to keep. But I’m hopeful I will shine through. I am gay after all. We know all about shinning!

How are you? What are you up to these days? Are you reading anything interesting lately? OR writing? I wanna hear all about it.

Rhys out! xXx