About Me

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Rhys Christopher Ethan is a young, fantasy, romance and sci-fi author, screenwriter and actor.

Rhys has three names. One that was given to him, one that people know him by and one that he gave himself. Rhys Christopher Ethan is a combination of all three. Just like his name, he tries to take what he was given and what society knows and give it his own, unique twist. He writes books that challenge the normative and acts in modern performances that test the limits of creativity. This place, among the millions of digitized hangouts, is his haven, where he shares these with the world.

Rcethan.com is Rhys’s Lab. He writes, reviews, shares and experiments on these artistic endeavors and you’re welcome to be one of his minions. Sign up to his newsletter, follow his blog, like him on facebook or follow him on twitter. You chose how.

“Can’t wait to read more of Mr. Rhys’s work. Kudos to him on his amazing writing” Lisa Marie on Snow White & the Poisoned Apple (Queerky Tales #1)