Blood Past (Warriors of Ankh #2) by Samantha Young

Blood PastAll Eden wants is redemption… but the road to redemption is never an easy one.Travelling to Scotland to find her mother’s bloodline, Eden is soon embroiled in the politics and training of the Scottish Warriors of Neith. It is a world where some stand with open arms ready to welcome her as family, while others keep a wary distance, conspiring against her. Through it all Eden learns of love, friendship, and what it means to be a warrior. Her future has promise… that is until a man she thought was forever gone from her life returns to threaten it all. When the one person Eden loves above all else is endangered, she will have to make a choice. Him… or her? Life is such a bitch…but so is Eden when you don’t play nice.”

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The second instalment in the Warriors of Ankh series is the perfect return for the series. Character development; check! Story development; check! Romance development; check!
Eden has been taken to Edinburgh in order spare her off her soul-eating heritage. As Ankh she finds herself changed, but the drama in her life hasn’t. Her cousin Teagan is determined to be with her and he will do anything. Meanwhile, a traitor among the Warriors of Neith, sets everyone in alarm and while Eden is training to be a kick-ass slayer, her feelings for Noah won’t let her focus. Once again Eden is amidst a chaos.

In the first book “Blood Will Tell” I was breath-taken by the originality and the incredible storyline. In the second, I was brought back into the world of Eden and my love for her grew even bigger leaving me to crave for more.

Samantha Young’s prose reads like a successful tv series script playing on American television. She can be funny, serious and grim all at the same time. Her writing fits perfectly to the heroine and the mind of a teenager. It reads easily and joyfully.

This was a great book and the series is highly recommended.

That’s it from me,

Rhys out xXx

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