New Season Shows in a Glimpse

So a few months ago I shared the trailers of the shows I was most eager about and some of them have premiered. Some of the premiered ones I have watched and it’s time to review what’s worth this season (from my point of view ;) )

Super Fun Night Rebel Wilson, this comedy is about a group of friends who decide to have original fun every night, with hair-pulling effects.

I loved Rebel in this show and her timing is, as always, brilliant, I hate that she can’t pull off an American accent and the reason why she’s trying it. I love the rest of the cast, although characters come out a bit sketchy and one-dimensional, but that’s just my ruling from watching the first episode. It is funny, humiliating and cute. Well worth a watch.

The Millers


Will Arnett is a reporter, divorced and it’s a secret. When it comes out to his parents, his father decides to leave his mom.

Live sit-com, playing on cliched storylines and relying too much on its cast to make it good. Which they just manage to do so. Jayma Mays from Glee is on, Beau Bridges is on and Margo Martindale is on. I’m not going to tune in every week, but most likely catch an episode here and there, but I guess it’ll be on for a while.




A single mom who’s been through hell and is starting over, is seeing the past repeating itself when her daughter gets pregnant.

No, I’m not calling for my mom. I’m just happy to see something as misogynist as all the other sitcoms around there. Before you stone me, I do know that comedies play on stereotypes a lot, but progression is progression and enough is enough. Anyway, back to the show. Anna Faris is amazing as the lead in this sitcom. I know story-wise it is very reminiscent to Reba, but after her failed Malibu County, I’m glad to see something with a female lead (also 2 Broke Girls is the perfect antidote to 2 and a half men). Comedy is witty, also playing on cliches, but hopefully it will get better with time. Love Allison Janney as the reborn-again, sex addict mother of Faris. Worth a watch.

Trophy Wife


Malin Åkerman stars as the third wife of Bradley Whitford and is burdened with his cuckoo of a family.

While bearing an unfortunate title, because Malin is not an actual trophy wife and the title is meant to be ironic of how others see her marriage, it is an unbelievably cracking comedy with some beautifully crafted characters and awesome interaction between them. One more come Åkerman to prove how well she can handle comedy.

Sean Saves the World

35790Sean Hayes is back a single, gay parent whose given his teenage daughter to raise after 14 years. That ought to be interesting.

Sean Hayes? On TV? Gay? Will and Grace….

It’s not Will and Grace. Which is bad for those waiting a sort of spin-off and good for its own merit and new viewership. It’s funny, smart, crispy and, as it naturally goes with Sean everywhere, with perfect timing. Love Linda Lavin as his eccentric mother and Megan Hilty as one of his colleagues. We might have seen the storylines before, but never with a gay lead, so even though the format might be repeated (I’m not sure. I’ve only watched the first episode) it’s interesting to see it from a fresh point of view. It’s a definitive yes for me.

Part 2 to follow with all the new DRAMA….


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